Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Broadmoor Spa

I've only been to a spa twice {this was my second time} and I must say the Broadmoor Spa was pretty fantastic. I had a thirty minute back/neck focused massage and I never wanted it to end. Then I spent a few hours relaxing, reading and snacking in the spa facilities. Overall I really liked it, check out some shots below-xoxo darling, Hayden.

The Fireplace Room

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week Re-Cap

So, I honestly think this past week has been a month long. This time last week I moved into my dorm room and I was still rushing a traditional sorority. Thursday I had a shock, I was only asked back to two sororities {out of 14} and it was my last full day with my parents. Friday consisted of a quick, tearful goodbye to my parents and me attending my last two sorority events. Saturday my amazing roommate, Devi, moved in and I dropped rush {there will be a post about that later}. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday all brought amazing events in which I was hardly ever alone, and I was never not smiling. Thus far, college has been amazing and I am so excited to start classes today and go to the four different events I have today. Tomorrow brings shopping and Friday brings a soccer game. I hope y'all are doing good too, shoot me an email or comment! -xoxo darling, Hayden
 The night before my parents left we took a dip in Barton Springs.
 Celebrating HT's Birthday with Amy's Ice Cream {custard with Kit Kats}.
 The obligatory dorm room photo...more are coming soon!
Loving Kerbey Lane's gingerbread pancakes!
My mama left me the sweetest note and one of my all time favorite candy bars.
 Got my next Influenster box!
 I am so excited for this exhibit! 
 Tried Noodles & Company's tomato soup.
Selfie with my first Jester Frosty!
 Setting up for the Gone To Texas ceremony.
Had an awesome time at Reading Round-Up
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Golden Bee

One of my favorite experiences at the Broadmoor was stopping for drinks {twice} at The Golden Bee. They have these little bee stickers that they fling at you while you're sitting in the restaurant {I have two and I'm thinking about getting them embroidered on a black t-shirt}. The pub itself was an actual English pub that they disassembled, brought to Colorado, and reassembled it. It has a British pub feel inside and out and their Bee cheese with crackers is delish. -xoxo darling, Hayden
Honey Bee Lemonade
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